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Through my personalized one-on-one coaching, I provide support and intuitive guidance to the transition and life purpose archetype. My journey, training and experience gained through helping others are the foundation of my work in the field of personal transition. 

Coaching Process

My Coaching Process


Have you ever gotten lost on your way to a party, inside a gardening store or at a parking lot? It happens. And while it happens often, it is nonetheless frustrating and sometimes it is hard to admit that you are lost.

So what do you do when this happens? You seek assistance in many ways: through your GPS device, your phone applications, physical signs that point to that exit or balloons attached to that mailbox, or you call someone. Eventually, we do find our way and all is well in our world again. 

But what happens when you get lost because of a situation that is part of life? Or a situation that you did not choose to be a part of, yet has affected you in many ways? What happens when all you know is that something has to change in order for you to be happy again? How do you make sense of everything that you are feeling and thinking?

Sometimes, when you need to be focused the most is when you get carried away by the routine, the stress, the adjustment to a new life and you end up being distracted from what is really important to you. As you become surrounded by uncertainty, it is normal to feel overwhelmed or stuck. Maybe you are tolerating your situation because after all, “things could be worse;” maybe you are dreading getting up in the morning; maybe you just want to avoid seeking help because the road back to normality seems too far and difficult to you right now.

Maybe, you are adjusting as much as possible so you can survive the week ahead; maybe you are currently unhappy with one or more areas in your life; to the point of not being able to remember the last time you were happy.

If you can relate to one or more of these scenarios, chances are you have probably become someone who you are not. Tolerating a situation you don’t want or adjusting who you are to fit that unfulfilling situation is not living; it’s surviving. If you had a choice, would you choose to stay in a grey world where you merely survive? Or would you consciously choose to regain control of every aspect of your life, honor your values, love yourself, and fight for what your heart truly desires? Coaching helps you get back on track and on your way to that big endless party called the life of your dreams.

The core of my coaching philosophy is based on this powerful truth:

“The purpose of our life is happiness” (Dalai Lama.)

In fact, I equal success to the level of happiness someone has and I consider that truly successful people are the happiest people on earth. I have seen clients bloom and go from a place of confusion and unfulfillment, to a place of complete balance and success in every aspect of their lives – even those areas that they were not initially planning on working on, because small changes are impactful catalysts for a balanced and successful life. And all started with my client’s decision to stop tolerating and start living. My coaching process is based on helping you find out who you really are, what you really want and how to live your life based on your purpose.

Why is all this important?

  • When you understand your own life’s journey,
  • When you focus on finding out what it is that drives you,
  • When you realize why something/someone is important to you,
  • When you know what you would do for free if money wasn’t an issue,
  • When you know exactly what makes you happy,
  • When you know who you are and where you are headed,

Once you discover those answers through coaching,

  • You will have the knowledge of absolute clarity in your life
  • The world – your world – is truly your oyster
  • Everything and everyone will start making more sense.
  • You will understand your thought process and how that connects to your feelings and actions
  • You will realize that you do have control over your life, your decisions and ultimately your own destiny.

And then you know you have found your purpose in life and you will truly achieve success and happiness in everything you do. I am here to help you and empower you in your journey to happiness. Through my personalized one-on-one life coaching, I provide support and intuitive guidance to the transition and life purpose archetype – what that means is that based on my life experiences, my formation and training and the wisdom I’ve gained through helping other clients, I have identified specific needs and demands in the world of personal transition.