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Love It or Leave It: How to Make a Big Decision With No Regrets


Love It or Leave It: How to Make a Big Decision With No Regrets

Tatiana Franklin

There are some decisions in life that come easily, like when you just know you should order the heart-healthy fish instead of the pasta or wake up early to hit the gym so you can relax after work. You make these decisions without breaking a sweat and you rarely dwell on what might have happened if you had made a different choice.

Then there are the bigger decisions, such as choosing a spouse, buying a house, accepting a job offer and having kids. These decisions bring with them a bevy of pros and cons, along with ample room for regrets down the road.

I know how difficult these decisions can be, which is why I teach my clients to implement a “Love It or Leave It” policy. Remove the “shoulds” from the equation and focus on the answer to one question: Do you love it? If you love it, do it. If you don’t love it, leave it.

I guarantee you will be amazed at how easy it is to make the right decisions when you only choose those people, situations, things and experiences that you love. Here are four more things to keep in mind when using the “Love It or Leave It” decision-making strategy:

#1. Start small. Adopt the “Love It or Leave It” strategy the next time you are out shopping. If you are thinking about buying a blouse, ask yourself why. Is it because you love it or because it is on sale and makes sense? The objective of this is to avoid the impulse of doing something for unsubstantial reasons.

#2. Play make believe. If you are having trouble making a decision, ask yourself what you would decide if the sky was the limit. The objective here is to find your heart’s answer without your everyday limitations holding you back.

#3. Do not use this strategy as an excuse to indulge. This strategy is not about indulging all the time. It is about loving your important decisions and feeling proud of them, rather than choosing something because it is what was expected of you.

#4. Avoid regrets. Always remember, if you make a decision based on what others think you should do, you will come to question -- and possibly even regret -- those choices. This is true every time.

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