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5 Easy Ways To Be Present In The Moment


5 Easy Ways To Be Present In The Moment

Tatiana Franklin

In today’s over-scheduled world, it is so easy to drive to work, eat dinner, even mindlessly read a book without ever being fully present - you just go through the motions.  The next thing you know, you have arrived at your destination, your plate is empty or you just completed another chapter and you have no idea how it happened. You ask yourself, “How did I get here? Was my dinner any good? What just happened in the book?”

These occurrences are a signal that you are not living in the present moment; as a result, you are missing out on everything wonderful your life has to offer. To help you kick this habit to the curb, here are five easy ways to stop mindlessly going through the motions -- so you can actually start enjoying the beautiful life you have been given:

#1. Eat your meals with no distractions. Make a conscious choice to turn off the TV and put your phone away during mealtimes. Engage your senses and notice how the food you have prepared smells, tastes and looks. Enjoy the act of eating your meal.

#2. Exercise with intention. Go for a walk or run outside and intentionally experience everything you see, smell and hear. For even more of a challenge, leave the headphones at home for minimal distractions.

#3. Experience food on a new level. The next time you are out to dinner, try and guess which ingredients were used in preparing the meal and which flavors are evoked while you sip your wine. This ensures you are fully savoring your meal and it connects you to the present moment.

#4. Make your drives more peaceful. Instead of using your time in the car to return phone calls or worry about your to-do list, use it to unwind. Look at the homes, the shop windows and the people you see. Soak it all in.

#5. Start a journal. Write down what you have noticed from living in the present moment and make note of any interesting discoveries. How does living in the present moment feel? What have you noticed about yourself, your family and the world?

Let’s talk! What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to living in the present moment? Leave your answer in the comment box below!