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Through my personalized one-on-one coaching, I provide support and intuitive guidance to the transition and life purpose archetype. My journey, training and experience gained through helping others are the foundation of my work in the field of personal transition. 

4 Steps To Successfully Handle Any Change


4 Steps To Successfully Handle Any Change

Tatiana Franklin

Change is a scary thing for all of us. Whether you are facing the end of a marriage, the birth of a child or the beginning of a new business venture, change, whether it is good or bad, causes fear and stress.

The goal, however, is to learn how to make sure your fear does not get in the way of living your life. You need to make sure that no matter how scared you are, you are still able to move forward, take conscious action and make the choices that are in your best interest. Here are four proven steps to help you do just that:

Step #1: Write out an unbiased description of the change you are facing. Explain how this change will affect your job, family, relationships and finances. The key word here is unbiased! Try to be as neutral as possible in this initial description.

Step #2: Look at what you have written and identify which area of your life will be most affected by this change. For example, changing careers will impact your finances, while having another baby will impact your family structure. Write down your concerns and emotions surrounding this situation.

Step #3: Identify your ideal outcome for this situation. Removing your fear of change from the equation, what would YOU like to see happen? Do you really want to switch careers, even though your finances might take a temporary hit, or is it your preference to stay at your current job with a few minor adjustments?

Step #4: Review all the notes you have written and circle anything that can be turned into a way to resolve the situation. Once you have at least five options to choose from, pick the one that you feel most comfortable with and take action!

Let’s talk! How do you currently handle your fear of change? Leave your answer in the comment box below!